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Whether you're aiming to get traffic from paid methods or through search engine optimization, Traffic Travis is an indispensible research tool. With it you can not only track your own site's performance, you can also peek under the hood of your competitors' sites.

Traffic Travis gives you a huge range of SEO and PPC research tools. Including page analysis, backlink monitoring, keyword research, and site tracking. To do the same job Traffic Travis does you'd need to buy multiple (much more highly priced) products.

Here is what you'll be able to do ...

Learn from your competitors
With Traffic Travis, you can determine your competitors and analyse their SEO and PPC strategies. Identify their SEO weak points and out-perform them. Identify their PPC keywords and keep track of their campaign - model their successful behavior, learn from their mistakes.
Create Keyword Lists Why pay membership fees? Traffic Travis can dig up piles of relevant keywords for your campaign. Simply type something in and we will take care of the rest!
Find Top Sites in a Niche Discover who the big players are in your niche. Traffic Travis will find out how many keywords (in your list) they're bidding on, and their average position. Once you've got this information you can begin to dig a little deeper...
Assess your on-page SEO Traffic Travis makes it easy to understand your on-page SEO with a rating system that shows you where you went right, where you went wrong - and how you can improve. Don't forget to check out how your competitors' on-page SEO shapes up!
Use the right keywords for you Simply type something in and Traffic Travis can dig up piles of relevant keywords for your campaign. Monitor the performance of keywords in PPC and weed the profitable from not-so-profitable.
Grow your rankings with backlinks What would Traffic Travis be without a nifty backlink tool? Assess your backlinks, assess your competitors' backlinks - pursue their best and add the most valuable backlinks to your site.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What is Travis Traffic Software all about?

As you are probably well aware..

Traffic x Sales = Money.

Without traffic, you can't make sales, or earn commissions from Affiliate offers. If you're in a rush, I suggest you go here to check this out:

What is Traffic Travis?

Traffic Travis is an industry leading software tool that will help you to drive floods more relevant visitors to your website.  And more quality visitors equals... More money!
I highly recommend it. And don't just take my word for it.
CNet, one of the web's leading technology software review and download sites gave Traffic Travis a glowing review and a high 4.5/5 stars:
"...With great instructions and an easy layout, this is a fantastic Internet research tool... By providing some exciting web data in an easy-to-use environment, this program succeeds admirably, and we highly recommend it" - CNet's Editors Review

What is Traffic Travis?
5 reasons why you should join Traffic Travis right now:
  1. Traffic Travis will help you to drive FLOODS more traffic to your websites (and hence make lots more money! and
  2. Traffic Travis will let you quickly and easily see what you need to do to optimize the on-page elements that may be crippling your chances of appearing highly in the search engines, and
  3. You are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, plus you can keep the bonuses, the risk is on them, and
  4. Traffic Travis makes it incredibly easy to keep tabs on your major competitors (whether SEO or PPC), and
Well I can't actually tell you what #5 is. I promised Mark (the creator of Traffic Travis)I would keep it under wraps.
Let me just say, reason #5 is worth many times the price of the software alone.
Which, by the way is a ridiculously low $97 (I've seen lesser programs being offered at more than twice that).
Check out Traffic Travis, I know you're going to LOVE it:

Travis Traffic Software

Kind regards,
Blanca Ybarra

P.S. As part of the sales process you'll get the chance to opt-in or out of a free trial subscription to Affilorama Premium (normally $67 per month). I've checked it out and you really should read the second issue 'The Simple SEO Solution' which has been added as a bonus for all The people who buy Traffic Travis 4. Well worth it.
P.P.S. And don't forget, you have their full no-reason-needed 60 day guarantee. So if you're not happy, getting a full refund of your $97 is painless and hassle-free.

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