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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Site

Online marketers who has an online business always care about getting traffic problem. If you can drive more traffic to your website you may get more sales. At a certain point during the development of your online business, you may find that you have enough fund to invest on buying traffic from some traffic resources. But you can save your money and get traffic for free. Let me tell you a little bit about my experience
Here are the most common ways I’m using to drive traffic to my website:

Link Directories

There are thousands of link directories on the internet. Most people who claim that link directories are worthless are those people  who live and breathe on the words of Matt Cutts. Those people who do suggest that link directories are worthwhile generally mention a short list of website
  • Yahoo.com
  • Dmoz.org
  • Business.com
  • AmericasBest.com
  • JoeAnt.com
  • Jayde.com
  • ExactSeek.com
Some of these are paid and some are free.When ever I put up a brand new site I always get it listed on these link directories first.It helps a new site indexed more quickly

Social Media

Social Media is an advertising channel that has received a lot of hype and social media sites have a ton of traffic that seem to be very attractive. But most marketers online don’t understand social media sites well enough to turn them into profitable traffic resources.
Major corporations are willing to invest a lot of money into their social media marketing because they can find thousands of people there which interested in their products. The most common mistake made by online marketers in the social medial environment is that they believe that they can take mass marketing techniques into the social media websites and attract traffic and sales.
But if you are looking to make a new sales through social media, you will likely be disappointed because Social Media is a platform where relationships are more important than individual purpose. So if you tap into its ability to help you build relationships with other marketers, you may get a chance to be succeeded with a single sale
I prefer using Facebook and Twitter as my 2 main social media websites. They have a lot of users who online everyday sharing and talking with others. MySpace is one another too. When you get lots of relationships you may find it easy to be expert in online marketing

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites are those that have been designed to allow you to create a list of bookmarks that you can share between home and office to your friends.
But that was a original design, many social bookmarking sites will flag and delete accounts they consider as spam.
So much for sharing bookmarks with my self, between my various connections to the Internet. People surf the internet everyday, if they find it helpful with your bookmarks they will share them to their friends. So more connections come to me
Some of good and popular social bookmarking sites are:
  • Blokube.com
  • Digg.com
  • Delicious.com
  • Reddit.com
  • Mixx.com
  • StumbleUpon.com
  • Google Bookmark
It’s not so comlicated so you should do it everyday.

Yahoo Answer Questions

One of the easiest and quickest ways to generate traffic to your website is Yahoo Answers. Not only is it a simplified method of driving targeted traffic to your site, it is also absolutely free to use. With more than 21 million unique users in the U.S. and 90 million worldwide, Yahoo! Answers is the largest knowledge-sharing community on the web.
The worst thing you can do on Yahoo Answers is to start pasting a bunch of worthless replies with links to your site. Chances are your account will be banned by the end of the day. I don’t recommend this. But you need to choose the right questions for you to answer.
The more quality answers you give to people, the more your increase your score and your reputation too. For each answer you give, you’ll receive 2 points. There are other ways of receiving points, but answering questions and getting them started are to of the most common.Try to get as many scores as you could.It’s very good for you
The traffic from Yahoo Answers converts very well. It can raise your conversion for your affiliate. After all, if you’ve done it right, you have already showed them your an expert in your field!

Forum Marketing

Forums are great resources for getting traffic. Each forum has its own field and focus on that field so you can get many targeted traffic. In a forum you can ask and answer questions or share your experiences about your niche content. It’s related to your website too.
If you can contribute helpful and positive information to the community where you particlple online, you can build your own reputation and attract visitors to your website through forum signatures or even your profile.
Whenever people like you, they will search for your profile or look at your signature you leave in forum. It is where you put your link directed to your website and visitors coming through here. This method is very effective with the forum which has thousands of users online everyday.
My favourite forums to leave my signatures are:
  • WarriorForum.com
  • DigitalPoint.com
  • WebProWorld.com
Well after I check the traffic statistic of my website I see 10% traffic coming to my site referal to these forums above. It’s a very good things because it’s easy and free.

Guest Blogging

Just as you can invite others to write yo your blog, others may ask you to contribute their blog too. This give you a very unique opportunity to get traffic from an audience that is perusing another website,especially high pagerank blog.
If you can make the right offer to the blog owner you can get what you desire. A  little more details, blog owners get quality content to their blog and you get targeted traffic to your website. Especially if the blog owner is among your list of personal contacts, such as those you can make using social media.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is the premise of creating informational content that you will give away to other online publishers to publish.Publishers will not be charged a fee for using the article content but they are required to keep your Author’s Resource Box – constructed like a classified advertisement – with your article.
Publishers do not want to share your sales copy with their readers, unless you are paying for advertising. They want to share interesting and useful information to their readers.
If you try to promote your product or service, article marketing is one of the best ways you can use to get traffic to your website.An article may get successful if it contains
  • Good article title: Its title must contain your keyword and spinable
  • Good article body: I say 500-800 words is good and do not include your link in your article body.Your keyword must be in article body too. It has to provide value content that readers want to leanr about.
  • Good Author’s Resource Box: Leave your website’s link here to take readers to your website directly
Most of popular article places I used to post article:
  • EzineArticles.com
  • GoArticles.com
  • Hubpages
  • Squidoo
Once your article is published at these sites you may see your traffic increase a lot day by day.


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